All of the features, none of the limitations.


High Quality LiDAR Imaging

Comprehensive Database

Weather agnostic

Sophisticated AI

Small, modular design

Full-stack autonomy

Designed to scale.

Our modules are built with intention to be used in high-volume manufacturing cycles.

A single laser that meets the requirements of eye safety standard IEC 60825 and enables long ranges.

Dual-axis scanning mirrors - this tech only scans the laser; renders the "spinning turret" traditional LiDAR architecture obsolete.

Very sensitive receiver, pairs with receiver ASIC for efficient & dynamic detection.

Built in-house, this application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) has lower costs and higher efficiency than traditional chips.

How it works


High-Quality Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave LiDAR sensors. These sensors offer top of the line image quality without making any sort of sacrifices.


Our value-add is the cloud infrastructure that allows vehicles to leverage information collected by each and every other vehicle in the network.

Powerful AI

From there, the AI uses information collected from the sensors & the database to make the most informed driving decisions possible given today's technology.

Software solutions for all to use.

Tyriad enables auto OEMs to develop, test, and eventually release autonomous vehicles at scale. The software is also available for direct purchase (for hobbyist testing & development).



Spyglass enables engineers & developers to make use of data collected for 3D world building. This, in turn, allows for precise sensor simulation for autonomous vehicle development.



Marauder allows you to create, edit, and validate maps in-house. Marauder makes making maps for simulation and testing a simple process.


Suite for Vehicle Dynamics

AllSpark is a suite of software products - intended to introduce the most precise, detailed, and comprehensive vehicle simulation. It includes software for passenger vehicles, large trucks, and even motorcycles.


Scenarios & Simulation

Trinity allows users to create a variety of scenarios for use in simulation, and allows users to run these scenario simulations.

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