About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at Tyriad is to bring about a safe AND ubiquitous future for vehicle autonomy. This means that it will be (and should be) accessible by the masses. Top-of-the-line safety shouldn't be reserved for the wealthy. Everyone deserves safety.

The Team

Hayden Phillips, CEO

Carson Meadors, COO

Corbin Skutt, CTO

Founder introduction video

Hear from the founders directly! This short video highlights founder interests, roles, and the reason they joined the team.

Our Story

How we met:

We all went to school together growing up. Bonded by different things: sports, superhero movies, Star Wars, and random niche cartoons. We have been close friends for a very long time - and that helps us everday realize one another's strengths and weaknesses and hold each other accountable. There is a high level of trust which propels our work to new heights. We have heard it's a bad idea to co-found with friends, but the truth is, it can be great.

The passing of a classmate:

In the Winter of 2018, a shroud of sadness and loss enveloped our entire community. We lost one of our own in a fatal auto accident. What we remember most is this particular classmate, that same evening, cheering on his high school basketball team, all smiles as they took on a cross-town rival. This student was an incredible football player, absolutely electric on the field. He had an incredible life ahead of him that was cut short, just like the lives of so many, by a fatal auto accident.

In then months following this tragedy, there were memorials, fundraisers, graduation honors, and more to remember the life that was lost. During this time, the team couldn't shake the thought of the auto accident. Almost everyone knows someone who has passed away due to an accident of this nature. Something, that we believed, with the right technology, could be mitigated entirely. The more we thought about it, the more it became apparent what our purpose was. We need to make the roads a safer place - for everyone. Not only to protect those driving now, but to honor those lost in the past.

The beginning:

Many years later, this idea was revisited in a more practical sense. We took our time to grieve, rather than strategize. In May of 2021, Tyriad Inc. was officially incorporated. We founded this company to build full-stack perception modules that drive us into the future of vehicle autonomy.

These modules will meet every stringent requirement the industry throws at us, with ease, while also being cheaper than the competition.

If we had to describe what Tyriad truly meant, to us, it means a future where our children, and their children alike, can get to their destination with peace of mind. A future where annual auto-accident fatalities falls from over 30,000 to (hopefully) 0. A future with Tyriad, means a future of safety.